Iliana Hegewisch

Iliana has been a successful certified Women Relationship Coach for seventeen years, mentor and author.
By Iliana Hegewisch

By Iliana Hegewisch

Women Transformation Coach

Her work is based on the Harmony Integration method, the psychologist Slavinski work, a deep passion to support women to build strong healthy Relationships around their couple, family members, children, parents, friends and at work. She also integrates to her professional practice her own life experience, she has been in a healthy marriage for twenty one years with two teenage children living in West Vancouver.

She has helped thousands of women when they were in a crisis. She has written two audio books on self-development, and released a DVD titled The Power of Love. She has hosted Latin TV and radio shows. She also holds workshops.
She mentors highly exclusive women in a very private setting and always reaches the highest outcomes each session.

She works in English and Spanish.

She is always adding to her skill sets the cutting edge advancements in human potential advice and sociology to eliminate relationship problems.

Hi Iliana and Mike,

The boys are really amazing in their ability to observe and contribute and stay present.
An absolute reflection on their wonderful parents!

Peggy MerlinPsychology

About the “shame” session we worked on last time:  when I think back to it, I do not feel the shame anymore.

Anna K.Vancouver, 2014

The way that she held the space and her compassion was very professional. I recommend it to anybody who is looking for a good counsellor to work with for any issues that they want to work.

Shama Zeynep Anaydin,May 2014

Es increíble lo que este proceso pudo hacer por mí.
Yo estaba sufriendo y no era feliz, luchando con la depresión post-parto y cuestiones de mí pasado.

El resultado en mi fue sentirme más feliz y mas contenta con mi presente, finalmente podia respirar de nuevo!!!

Carolina, (in Spanish)Carolina, Miami, Fl. 2014

I had insecurities, difficulty to handle situations, after the Deep Transformation coaching, I find myself clear, relaxed, less reacting and aware.
Iliana is very straight forward, time productive, focused and we achieved the goals by Skype sessions.

Eliana R.Colombia, Dec. 2013